Sri Ramaswami Memorial University, famously known as the SRM University is a deemed university situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The university was founded as the SRM Engineering College, later changed the name to SRM Institute of Science and Technology and then granted the status of University in the year 2006 by the UGC (University Grants Commission).

Fulfilling the Criteria required to be a Deemed University, the SRM University offers multiple courses through its institutes and schools. The university has also maintained the standards required to get into the class of one of the best universities in the country, thereby getting the accreditation of Grade ‘A’ from the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council). 

Academic Institutes of the SRM University:

SRM University delivers the quality education to the students through the medium of various institutions and schools. The institutions and schools have been categorized separately to manage the academic administration in a better way. It is essential to develop an infrastructure for the niche department for the imminent delivery of the theoretical and practical education. Also, there is too much variation in the development of the infrastructure of the various departments like Engineering and Management which enables the University to bifurcate the institutions accordingly.

The institutions of the SRM University are categorized into four-

1) College of Engineering-

The College of Engineering has a primary objective to deliver the best technical education to the students that are amply fostered by the practical knowledge. Adequate infrastructue facilities are provided by the SRM University to the College of Engineering for the smooth functioning of the department. The infrastructure involves fully equipped labs, a high speed internet network, well-trained lab technicians, workshops, techno clubs, etc.

College of Engineering is further divided into various schools that deal with the niche engineering branches having some common traits. The schools under the CoE are-

  1. a) School of Civil Engineering-
  • Department of Civil Engineering
  1. b) School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-
  • Department of Electronics and Communication
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics
  • Department of Telecommunication
  • Department of Electronics and Instrumentation
  1. c) School of Mechanical Engineering-
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Department of Automobile Engineering
  • Department of Mechatronics
  1. d) School of Computing-
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Software Engineering
  • Department of Information Technology
  1. e) School of Architecture and Interior Design-
  • Department of Architecture and Interior Design
  1. f) School of Bio-Engineering-
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Department of Food Processing Engineering
  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Genetic Engineering
  1. g) School of Chemical and Material Technology-
  • Department of Nuclear Engineering
  • Department of Nanotechnology
  1. h) School of Basic Sciences-
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Chemistry
  1. i) School of Languages-
  • Department of English and Foreign Languages

To an exception, the School of Languages has also been included in the College of Engineering.

2) College of Medicine, Dental and Health:

To fulfill the growing need of the proficient doctors in the country, the SRM University initiated the step to open the College of Medicine, Dental and Health. This College aims to promote healthy living in the country and to reduce the excessive health burden due to the onset of various health hazards in the country. Following the official compliances, the College has the Hospital facilities that enable the students to do practical learning.

The College of Medicine, Dental and Health are bifurcated into three departments-

  1. a) SRM Medical College and Research Center-

It is the focal point of the University where every year skilled doctors are produced. The college not only limits their students to the Medical syllabus, but they also offer various opportunities to the students to do research work through their Research center. The University believes that the future of the country lies in the affordable healthcare which can be realized only through the research work.

  1. b) SRM Dental College-

SRM Dental college is located in two locations, i.e., Kattankalathur and Ramapuram. Under the Dental College, various department exists like Dental Surgery, Oral Pathology, Community Dentistry and more. The dental college offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs and with time it has groomed into an extremely successful postgraduate institute.

  1. c) Health Sciences-

The Health Science department of the SRM deals with the human and animal health with the help of the scientific research. Their primary goal revolves around the improvement of the health of the humans and animals. The department is equipped with the high tech instruments and perfectly skilled medical personnel are present for the purpose.

3) School of Management-

The private sector in India is leading worldwide. The private sector is one of the reasons that presently we are witnessing the fourth largest economic growth rate in the world. Still, there is a lot of potential that can be tapped to increase the economic growth rate over the years. The key to tapping that potential is to produce the future leaders that can efficiently manage the resources. SRM University through the School of Management offers various Management courses that create the future leaders.

Under the Faculty of Management, the following courses are offered-

  • BBA Program
  • MBA Integrated Program
  • MBA Program
  • D Program
  • MMS in Banking and Financial Services

The core specializations provided by the School of Management are-

  • Marketing
  • HRM
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Data Analytics

4) College of Science and Humanities:

The field of Science and Humanities are the field that is equally important as that of the professional ones but are too much underrated. The SRM University has adopted a different approach to reviving this field by providing the concept based education modulated with the practical applications.

The departments under both the colleges are-

College of Science-

  1. a) School of Basic Science
  2. b) School of Computer Sciences
  3. c) School of Media Studies
  4. d) School of Biosciences
  5. e) School of Commerce and Economics

College of Humanities-

  1. a) School of Languages
  2. b) School of Education
  3. c) School of Government and International Affairs
  4. d) School of Law
  5. e) Department of Career Development
  6. f) Institute of Hotel and Catering Management

SRM University has over 6000+ placement record, the quality of education has always been the focal area of the university. The best thing that the University offer is that apart from providing the quality education in the diverse fields through the colleges and schools, the university also funds the research projects of the students and help them to step up the career leaders.

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