There are many job seekers in the market who search for a wide variation of ways to find a job. It may include asking a friend or a family or anyone in this case. This can also be referred as word of mouth referrals. They also visit the organizations which they are interested in working at and ask about the vacancies or another option they opt for is taking help from the counselors or recruiters. They also look for opportunities by examining online and offline job postings.

So what basically does it mean when we say “Posting a Job”?

Posting a Job means advertising any job opening in the future. Advertisement of a Job opening or a vacancy is done by the employer or the Human Resource Executive of an organization or any employee as such within the company. Advertisement of a job refers to a post or a banner or an online post. The posting might be done on the organization’s notice board, their official website or blog site or media such as television, newspapers, magazines etc. Jobs can also be posted on career sites, job boards or social networking sites.

Why post a Job?

There are many situations which indicate all the hiring agencies to post the job vacancies. An employer or a recruiter might need another hand for assistance in reaching the target before the deadline or if a new business is being set up or if someone is filling in for another employee who is on a leave or sick leave. He may also want to hire for more than one positions in case if an employee retires. or if the business is upscaling. Businesses like restaurants or retail stores have such high turnovers that they advertise for the same positions over a year again and they keep the qualified candidates on hold until the positions are open.

Types of Job Posting

There are 2 main types of job postings which are internal job posting and external job posting. So the difference is that internal posting is just for employees. Mostly the internal employee may possess all the necessary skills and the relevant knowledge to fill in for the required vacancy. So in this case, all entities which are hiring often post the job internally just save their time and money they would lose by advertising externally or interview fresh talents. External Postings are basically open to any candidate or it is even aimed at a segment of candidates depending on their qualifications and skills. This type helps the recruiters who post jobs to find fresh talents that offer new ideas and those who have skills which are not present with the current employees.

Some drawbacks of Job Posting

Many organizations often post their job vacancies internally or externally at the corresponding time without advising those who are looking for jobs. Then what happens is, many companies hire existing employees who work in the same organization but not assigned to any client or project. The main reason for this practice is simply because the recruiter wants to compare the skillset of the existing employee with the external job seekers and usually chooses to hire the existing ones after they find that the existing employee is the best fit for the job.

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